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I am currently a Master's in Development Engineering student at UC Berkeley. I graduated from the University of Washington in June 2021 with a degree in International Studies and a minor in Entrepreneurship. At UW, I was primarily trained in the areas of political economy, cybersecurity policy, and entrepreneurship. I am also experienced with using Python, SQL, Java, R, and Tableau, Tableau Prep, and Dash/Plotly for processing, analyzing, and modeling large data sets.

I have hands-on experience in areas including Data Science, Policy Analysis and research, and podcast production. My career goal and also my life goal is to make a positive impact on the world with my knowledge and skills. I am always up for a challenge and am comfortable working, thinking, and communicating with diverse multicultural teams. I believe with my knowledge of international affairs and economics along with data science skills, I would be able to contribute and bring valuable insights.

I am currently seeking a full-time opportunity upon graduation in December 2023 in Data Science, Business Analytics, and Data Analysis.

I aim to bridge the gap between communities, foster changes, and act as a force of good for a better world for all.

Education Background

University of California, Berkeley

Master’s in Development Engineering (M. DevEng)

Data Science and AI for Social Impact

  • The program is committed to solving interdisciplinary global challenges across the corporate, nonprofit, and government, by integrating engineering, economics, and business to develop interventions to address the needs of communities around the world.
  • Coursework: Critical Systems of Development, Machine Learning, Data Mining & Analytics, Scalable Spatial Analytics, Design, Evaluate, and Scale Development Technologies.

University of Washington

B.A. in International Studies and Minor in Entrepreneurship

  • Overall GPA: 3.8, and Annual Dean’s List for four academic years.
  • Border Security Technology Task Force with Professor Jessica Beyer, co-wrote Big Brother on the Border: A Cross-National Analysis of Border Technology 2021.
  • Lead product development and market research in entrepreneurship project BuzzBear.
  • Coursework in International Political Economy, Economics, Sustainable Business, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, and Introductory Computer Science and Data Science.
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Data Projects

Predicting Housing Prices using POIs

Using machine learning model and points of interests (POI) data to predict Housing Prices in Taipei, Taiwan.

Dashborad for Student Advising

Create dashboard for student advisor to assist student in course applications and improve acceptance rate.

COVID-19 Mortalitly Prediction

Predicting COVID-19 Mortality Using dataset of pre-existing health conditions and medical resources in US States.



Applied Machine Learning

Provides a theoretical and practical introduction to modern techniques in applied machine learning. Covers key concepts in supervised and unsupervised machine learning, including the design of machine learning experiments, algorithms for prediction and inference, optimization, and evaluation.

Data Mining and Analytics

A project-oriented course that provides fundamentals and emerging paradigms of data mining and machine learning. Including but not limited to machine learning classification algorithms (e.g. decision trees, feed-forward neural networks, recurrent neural networks, skip-grams) and clustering techniques (e.g. k-means and spectral clustering)

Applied Natural Language Processing

This course examines the state-of-the-art in applied Natural Language Processing, including topic modeling, embedding, part-of-speech tagging, shallow parsing, text classification, information extraction, language models, incorporation of lexicons and ontologies into text analysis, and question answering.

Scalable Spatial Analytics

Analyzing individual daily activities and travels both at urban and at global scale as well as their interactions with the built and the natural environment.

The World in 5 Mins Podcast


Regular Audience / EP


Downloads Growth

  • I aim to create a platform that would lower the barrier to understanding international news, this would enable more audience to gain access.
  • Provide the audience an alternative perspective to mainstream media.
  • Analyzed and conducted market and user research of the Mandarin podcast market, and identified an unmet need.
  • Produced 120+ episodes of podcasts.
  • Ranked #10 on Apple Podcasts Daily News in Taiwan, and #9 on Chartable Global Government.

Data Analyst at

UC Berkeley Extension

  • Initiated a data analysis project on time-series course registration data and identified popular course choices.
  • Designed an interactive dashboard in Python with Plotly and Dash, improving student course acceptance by 60%.
  • Created a data pipeline that would automatically process user-selected files, and update the dashboard server.
  • Using Natural language processing(NLP) methods to extract and understand student application statements and created prediction model that has a accuracyof 70%.

Data Science Intern at

Nissan Advance Technology Center

Silicon Valley

  • Conducted comprehensive data cleaning and preprocessing using Python, resulting in a high-quality SQL database for Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) analysis that aims to reduce emissions, de-stress the electric grid, and foster sustainable transportation.
  • Developed algorithms and utilized machine learning techniques to identify user behavior using telematics and spatial data.
  • Designed and implemented interactive dashboards enabling real-time query, analysis, modeling, and visualization of key insights for informed decision-making by stakeholders.
  • Using Tableau Prep and Hadoop to download and process large amount of data exceeding 50 gigabytes at once.




  • Gourmet-flavored energy bears.
  • Identified a problem in the current market and purposed an alternative solution product (value).
  • Investigated the market size and created a feasible business model.
  • Conducted primary market research to identify the target audience.
  • Evaluated competition in the market to identify a product-market fit.
  • Developed and experimented with various trials of prototypes.
  • Created a diverse marketing plan and built an e-commerce platform.

Student Advisory Board

Chair (2020-2021)

  • Advocate for international students in the UW community.
  • Acted as a bridge between the students and the administration.
  • Develop creative plans to tackle issues raised by board members.
  • Produced multimedia resources to help international students.Represented CIRCLE and international students in conversations at different university levels.
  • Oversaw day-to-day logistics regarding the SAB, including recruiting board members from 10+ countries.
  • Created data visualizations to represent student problems, and produced 20+ videos and podcasts.

Congressional Internship at Legislator Hsu-Yu Jen's Office

  • Assisted the Legal Team in drafting the Taiwan Death with Dignity Act, by analyzing and visualizing data and
  • example legislation from Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Oregon, United States.
  • Maintained contact with the press and the reception of overseas guests, and managed a database of 500+ contacts.
  • Organized the research on Universal Basic Income and e-Estonia, and produced legislation recommendations.
  • Coordinated multiple local and international press conferences, public hearings and improved exposure on media and online.

Taiwan Death with

Dignity Act Proposal

Cross-strait Tourism

Mitigation Hearing

Summer Field Intern

Taiwan Taoyuan

International Airport

Assisted the daily operation on-site, including passenger service, immigration affairs, and COVID-19 prevention.

Helping passengers in using the e-Gate border crossing system, and analyze user data from e-Gate entries/exits.

Taiwanese Overseas Student Association at UW

  • Member of the Finance, Public Relations, and Art team acted as a Government Affairs liaison.
  • Raised $10k+ sponsorships for Timeless Taiwan, a 3000+ attendance event.
  • Coordinated numerous events to promote Taiwanese culture and assist Taiwanese students.
  • Lead and coordinated the team for International Husky Send-offs with CIRCLE and UWAA.
  • Lead the COVID-19 Response Team for International Students.

Summer Instructor at

Kang Chiao International School

  • Developed lesson plans to prep students for the upcoming school year's courses and English ability.
  • Responsible for Grade 10 and Grade 11 students' summer TOEIC preparation course: developed lesson plans and practice questions/sessions in an interactive way.
  • Summer Course - International Baccalaureate MYP Approach to Learning Instructor Developed lesson plans to prepare students for IBMYP and IBDP.
  • Supervised and assessed students’ presentations.

KCIS Alumni

Experience Session

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Co-Founder (2014-2017)

  • Founded this program in 2014 to raise social awareness, and provided short-term assistance to the homeless community. This activity has taken place in many cities, including Budapest, Taipei, Boston etc.
  • Advocated and raised social awareness for homeless communities.
  • Solicited donations and provided short-term assistance to the homeless communities.
  • This leadership experience further deepened my interest in helping others in need.

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